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Content Philosophy


The idea behind the Lifescapes initiative springs from Evolve Back's philosophy of being one with the spirit of the land. We wished to tell people a simple story on the nature and culture of our land, through an outstanding photograph and accompanying essay. Lifescapes' other aim is to showcase the efforts of photographers whose talent and toil are responsible for the outstanding quality of the images on the site, so that both they and their subjects find a wider audience.

Utmost importance is given to showcase the subject within a certain aesthetic framework. To this extent, we sift through hundreds of photographs to weed out the grain from the chaff, before arriving at an image that can grace this page. For each photo-essay, the parameters we use are in this order and priority:

  • The photograph has to be compelling enough to move the viewer.

  • The photograph has to be representative of local nature or culture.

  • The story accompanying the image should be light,enjoyable, yet factual.


The idea is not to use only images that can be traced back to our immediate environment, but to focus on and showcase the subject in all its glory, and propagate the larger cause of conservation through a meaningful conversation.

Other Stories from Evolve Back

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