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Giri Cavale


‘Born in Bangalore but reborn again in the wild’, captures the essence of Giri’s obsessive passion for nature and its pictorial documenting. His camera and his artistic eye are always on the look out for a momentous picture and, of course, the perfect shot. He has explored some of India’s most enthralling ecosystems across various seasons with the simple objective of seeing and photographing nature up close in its pristine purity. He readily admits that two precious ‘colleagues’ - luck and patience – have always accompanied him on his expeditions into the wild, yielding some very fine photographic moments and equally wonderful memories.

These personal forays into the world of nature photography soon led to networking and collaborations with others to promote a deeper understanding of the fragile world of wildlife. Do check for more info.

Giri Cavale is a nature devotee whose guiding philosophy is ‘too much is never enough’. You can reach him on, if you suspect that you recognize a kindred soul.

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