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Shivu K


Shivu came to photography through a rather uncommon door. He had been a newspaper agent for almost a decade, which gave him the opportunity of looking at and appreciating countless photographs of all kinds in newspapers, magazines and journals. Before long he discovered that he had an ability to critically review pictures, selecting good from bad intuitively and with no prejudice. This innate feel for photographs would soon culminate in him buying a camera with his hard earned savings and venturing into the uncharted but alluring world of photography.

Shivu was fascinated by the diversity of the Indian landscape and peoples, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari - so colorful, vibrant and distinctive. His keen eye was able to discern the subtle play of light, tones and other nuances in various situations, places and seasons. The next step was to find his ‘own voice’ (or, more appropriately, ‘eye’) that would lend uniqueness to his pictures. Photographing simple and everyday human activities of rural life in natural light is a favorite theme. He finds these subjects and situations deeply moving and turns them into equally evocative pictures. The multiple faces and forms of light is what he keenly explores and employs splendidly in his treatment of subject.

Shivu has garnered distinctions that can be the envy of his peers namely, Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society, United Kingdom (ARPS - 2009) and Artist of Federation internationale de l'Art Photographique, Luxemburg (AFIAP - 2009).

His awards break-up is as follows:
11 International Awards and Medals, 21 Certificates of Merit
65 National Awards and Medals and more than 100 Certificates of Merit
National and International acceptances numbering 700

Camera and equipment
Canon 30D Camera, 100-400 IS L, 17-70 Sigma 2.8

Hobbies and interests
Not surprisingly, Shivu’s hobbies are related to his work and primary passion. He writes photo features for newspapers, periodicals and magazines. Blogging and traveling also compete for time and attention.

To see photos and learn more about this amazing photographer visit Shivuimages on

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