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Jayanth Sharma


Formerly an IT employee, Jayanth quit his job to pursue his passion - Wildlife Photography! Jayanth believes there is no meaning to taking pictures of beautiful animals and birds if these pictures can’t be used to protect or save them. Based out of Bangalore, he travels extensively to take pictures and report stories on natural history in order to generate awareness about the critical importance of conserving vulnerable wildlife that is falling prey to a great many changes.

Jayanth is an accomplished photographer and has bagged several recognitions and awards in wildlife photography. He is one of the co-founders of Toehold, a unique travel company with a focus on natural history and photography. At toehold he teaches photography to amateurs and conducts informal yet informative photo tours to various wildlife destinations across the world.

Visit his personal website or mail him at to know more about Jayanth’s work with Indian wildlife.

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