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Vijay Rao


Vijay is a wildlife photographer whose special interest is reptiles. Having done a course in basic herpetology, nothing gives him greater pleasure than to sight a snake or a bush frog in the rainforest.The bond between travel, nature and wildlife was forged very early on when his grandfather took him frequently to experience the wildlife in Nagarhole and the natural wonders of Coorg. Today, Vijay spends a lot of time in the hallowed forests of Southern India, photographing its many treasures. He is an editor at Yahoo! and spends many weekends in south Coorg and the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve, just so his cup of Mother Nature remains always full! Photography for him, which at the start was meant purely as a tool for documenting, turned out to be as addictive as the subjects and themes he photographed. He is a member of ‘India Nature Watch’, a premier wildlife photography community in India.

Please visit and blog: to know more about this fine photographer.

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