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Dr. George Mathew

Guru - Entomology

Dr. George Mathew is Program Coordinator in the Forest Health Division of the Kerala Forest Research Institute in Peechi, Thrisur. He is widely traveled and has been trained in the UK, Australia and Malaysia on a variety of entomological programs. These include Specialty Insect Identification, Landscape Ecology and Ecologically Sustainable Tropical Forest Management respectively. He is a former Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society of London and a life member of the Association for Advancement of Entomology in India. In addition he is associated with numerous organizations devoted to biodiversity conservation, natural insect & pest management and sustainable agricultural & forestry practices in India.

He has also authored many scientific papers and reports. His expertise is vast and touches upon many significant areas that have gained urgency and topicality in recent times, such as Environmental Impact Assessment, Biodiversity Monitoring & Measurement of Terrestrial Ecosystems, the setting-up of Bio-parks, Butterfly Gardens & Butterfly Houses and the Upkeep of Biological Specimens & Collections.

Visit his website to know more about his work and feel free to write to him at

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