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Tejas Joseph


Tejas hails from a Malayali family that moved from Kerala to Madras (now Chennai) in the late 50s, where he grew up. He took a Masters in English literature from the Madras Christian College (1984) and aspired to become a professional advertising copywriter. But destiny willed otherwise and he went to work with NGOs instead.

He has helped draft white papers on policy reforms and monographs on appropriate technologies for the rural sector of India, besides editing a few doctoral theses and generating countless words on a range of topics - from agriculture and tourism to music and short stories for children - in the course of a long and varied 'writing career'. He edits a bimonthly newsletter that explores the crucial nexus between technology, energy and enterprise and their impact upon the environment and the emerging economy of a globalising world.

He resides in the international township of Auroville near Pondicherry and is part of a consulting group engaged in creating viable models of decentralised lighting (using solar energy) for off-grid Indian villages. The group also looks into defining the standards for the social and environmental footprint evaluation of small industry and businesses.

Tejas travels a lot in the course of his work and feels a deep connection with the history and ethos of the places he visits. He is a keen observer of the winds of change that are now blowing across the physical, cultural and social landscapes of India and seeks to capture its effects in his articles, ever believing that the journey is as important as the destination, the travel as rewarding as the arrival!

Feel free to write to him at if your interests or work coincide with his.

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