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Dr. Mary Anto

Guru - Entomology

Dr. Mary Anto is a dedicated entomologist with 6 years of quality research and as many years of teaching experience in prestigious academic institutions of Kerala.

She is a principal investigator in the “Troidine Butterflies as Ecological indicators for habitat assessment studies in the Western Ghats” - an ongoing ecological project supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India. She is a Research Council Member of the “Prof. T. C. Narendran Trust for Taxonomy”, Calicut, Kerala and a Founder Trustee of the “Foundation for Environmental Conservation, Research and Education” based in her home town of Thrissur, Kerala.

Though a seasoned and experienced entomologist who can rise to any professional challenge in her field, at heart she is a conservationist who sees her work as a humble offering to help preserve the delicate natural balance of our physical environment.

Contact her at to know more about her life and works.

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