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Jungle Deodorant

Slender Loris, Kabini -

Deodorants come in some of the snazziest packages these days, though the one found in Kabini takes the cake for being the most eye-catching and innovative. The rare Slender Loris is nature’s own odor-buster, one that keeps the forest smelling fresh by consuming the most noxious and smelly insects. This being the case, it’s funny that the Loris chooses such an offensive perfume for herself, one that normal denizens of the woods turn their noses up at. She prepares for a night out by splashing her face with a pungent urine-wash and even rubs the solution on her hands and feet. Before one wonders if she’s been out in the sun for too long, or if her sense of smell is underdeveloped, we’d like to tell you that this is used less as a cosmetic and more as a salve to ease the stings that her smelly prey is so quick to dispense. This easily explains why all her olfactory trespasses are forgiven; nobody clears the forest of those foul smelling, toxic insects better. When you first meet a Slender Loris, you’ll be captivated by those twin saucers that gaze soulfully at you. The eyes of a Loris are limpid pools that you could dive into, if only they weren’t so high up in the treetops. One is tempted to wonder about the effect on other Page 3 divas, if you were to enter a party with a Slender Loris as arm candy. Those large eyes would grab the eyeballs of every man there and make every woman turn interesting shades of green. The women would, however, be wary of unsheathing their claws, as the reputation of the Slender Loris in dealing with poisonous enemies is far from slender.

Photograph: Kalyan Varma Story: Rajesh Ramaswamy



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