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Pure Joy!

Pure Awards 2013

We, at Lifescapes have always known that you are the wind under our wings; we fly higher and farther because you’re always there to constantly support, critique and encourage us. You’ll be happy to know that we have once again vindicated your faith in us by winning one of the world’s most coveted awards, the PURE AWARDS 2013, at Marrakech, Morocco. PURE Life Experiences is the finest Experiential Travel fair in the world. Over 500 hand-picked, experiential travel brands from across the globe, delivering experiences ranging from Space Travel to Swimming with the ‘Great Whites’, converge at Marrakech each year. Participation is by invitation only. The PURE AWARDS was constituted in 2013 to recognize the best of the best in the high-end Experiential Travel industry, celebrating those brave enough to really push boundaries and create life-enriching experiences worthy of the hefty ‘transformational’ label. This year, Lifescapes, by Orange County Resorts was the proud recipient of the ‘Most Original Marketing Campaign’ award at the PURE AWARDS 2013. At this time, we’d like to thank our master storyteller Rajesh Ramaswamy and all those wonderful photographers who have enriched us with their lens craft, and the Lifescapes team that put in the hard yards, pushed the bar higher, and constantly burned the proverbial midnight oil to ensure nothing but the best reached you every fortnight. The panellists for the PURE AWARDS included some of the most inspiring and influential visionaries, such as Edward Norton – Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer and numerous Award-winner.



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